Monday, 3 December 2007

Holly's Little Person Bobbles

On Friday we had the switching on of the lights near where we live and there is a little ceremony and then carol singing at the church hall. Then Santa comes and gives all the kids a selection box. Hearing about the selection box my kids were most keen to come along.
These pics are not up to my usual standard as they were taken by Jack. You can see a pic of people looking across a road to where the lights are being switched on a Christmas tree. There was a procession of carol singers and then a kid's marching band, but Scamp took fright at the band. You can see it from his point of view, as he wouldn't understand the music, but might think it was a little marching army with people banging drums and blowing trumpets. The girls went near teh tree and band and Scamp started frantically pulling and barking as if he wanted to go and rescue them so I decided to take him for a walk, asking Jack to take the pics. Later on I sat outside the hall with Scamp and saw the ladies making the tea in the kitchen doing what looked like country dancing to the carols, twirling each other about.
Holly stayed overnight and the girls made these little paper people and accessories and Holly requested that I put her's on this blog. Girls seem to like these tiny little things, and they like putting things into bags and carrying them around, which I suppose is practice for later when they have a handbag. This little person is called 'Bobbles' and seems to be a Father Christmas type person, with a sack of presents. He/She also has a comb, some slippers and two footballs. That last one is true to life as both Eleanor and Holly are in the local girls' football team.


dianeclancy said...

This is all great fun!!

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

Well done Jack - great pictures - be careful this may become Eleanor's brother's blog if he gets too brilliant.
Poor dogs, ours really suffers with fireworks and happy human parades and the rest, he sympathises with Scamp - or would if he knew what I was wittering on about!

Bobbie said...

I dunno, I kinda like the soft focus on Jack's photos. Love seeing the drawings and all. From a child's eye view...wonderful! Poor Scamp, he probably thought they'd all gone bonkers.

Debi said...

I can get taken away to another place in your stories, Bev. I especially liked the ladies making tea, twirling one another about.

Girls will be girls, with that built-in attraction to little do-dads and trinkets. But, times have changed, if ever so slightly. The addition of footballs attests to that. Go Eleanor! Go Holly!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Priceless! Thankyou for sharing the girls artwork. That is so cool. Time just flies by so quickly and we need to capture these special moments. I agree with what Debi said about the football being a testiment to the changing times. I wonder what my kids would out in their bags? Maybe something to do this avo with them.
Thankyou for the story, I felt like I was visiting and sharing it with you. Poor scamp! I can tell by your posts and comments that you are a 'thinking person' I bet your mind is always ticking! I look forward to your next post!

WAT said...

The Xmas season is here! Aw shucks, I'm not that crazy about this time of year anymore, but this year I've got more spirit than usual.

Scamp sounds like a hoot. I'd like to meet this guy.

Faye said...

Hi Bev--loved the way your family ushers in the holiday season and the fact that Scamp was included, although reluctantly on his part, in the festivities. Must go further back in your blog to get a proper introduction to Scamp--hopefully some pictures of him.

Your mention of Waterstones in the previous post brought back some good memories--disappearing among the shelves and racks when you've had it with touring.

Sweet Irene said...

Girls just love to fuss with things, don't they? Do we naturally like handbags? I seem to. I love digging into mine to see what is there, as if I don't know. Maybe a surprise will pop out. When I was a teenager, my handbag never left my side and it was with me wherever I went, even at home. It has to do with ownership and privacy and the joy of small things, I am sure.

Bev said...

Thanks for your comment Sweet Irene. Insightful, as always.