Saturday, 8 December 2007

A Successful Shopping Trip

Today I drove a two-ton Landrover Discovery to Hessle Road for some shopping, without any mishap. Eleanor controls the music, which is often Michael Jackson, which helps my concentration.

We have gone to day because Mark is away and we wanted to buy him a birthday present, because his birthday is in December, and it often gets eclipsed by Christmas, and the presents are an afterthought. I saw these self-lighting birthstones in Setams, where previously I have bought him an Xmas indoor water feature with a little town with a waterfall running down the middle of it (I love stuff like this) so I went back today. It has a fairy light grotto, and many interesting things.

Here is a picture of our booty on the patio table. We have a silver coin box in the shape of a letter box(as he keeps his in a jar at the moment) a chocolate cake scented candle, a butterfly jewelled bookmark, and the self-lighting December Birthstone. Also a fluorescent Xmas cube, a spotty tea cup and saucer combo, a ring in a box with a bow on it, a Happy Santa Doorbell (£1), and a High Society Trinket Box with a flower on it, among other things. To pay Eleanor for her trouble in accompanying me, we have a Father Xmas with bendy legs you can cross (which apparently Holly's mum has), a decorated box with a fancy stiletto shoe on it in a black satin cushioned presentation box(£2) a Father Xmas key to his grotto and a bell for the tree.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

It is so odd to see a Santa without snow ... I know in the US this happens too ... but I live with snow so it is odd looking to me.

What fun pictures and it sounds like you had fun! I like the idea of a chocolate cake scented candle!! yummy!!

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

I hope he doesn't read your blog, otherwise there will be no surprises. Congrats on surviving the drive - Love the pics - it doesn't look as wet up there, I suppose the weather is better over to the East - it's AWFUL here.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely old street and shops. So little of that left here ... everything has moved to the malls.

Sweet Irene said...

Great to see your fancyful Christmas and birthday shopping, Bev. Lots of great items you bought. Sonw? What is that again? Here in subtropical Europe we don't get any of that stuff anymore.

laurie said...

love all the christmas lights and baubles in these pictures. even without snow.

doug's birthday is on christmas day. i try to keep it from getting lost in the shuffle, but it's tough.

looks like a fine shopping trip!

Bev said...

Frances, he never reads the blog so the secret is quite safe. Only Holly shows any interest in it.

Bez said...

Is it nearly Christmas?
Not good at this!

Bev said...

Bez, I have been a little worried about you since your last comment about being in a stupor but this one takes the biscuit.

Bev said...

Bez, I was a little concerned about your stupor comment so checked out the Scunthorpe Forum to see what you were doing. I reckon if you are setting up drummers for school concerts then you must be OK! I think you write very funnily and elegantly, even on these quick chat sites, and it's a shame you don't catch the blogging bug.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

I like these couple of additional photos.

I will be gone for a couple of days so I will post but not comment. I have the posts written. See you soon!

~ Diane Clancy

Debi said...

Bev, I've thus far only imagined you as a pretty English Lass riding her bike through misty meadows, with her hair flying behind her, stopping alternately in churches and pubs.

Now I have to adjust all that with a picture of your hair flying behind you in a Landrover with Michael Jackson blaring.

I hope Mark likes all you got him. I loved browsing the pictures you included and saw how you passed up the aluminum rubbish bin with the side holes in it (why holes?) and the push brooms for his birthday. He's got such a kind wife that gives him presents that don't convert into hard labor.

Bev said...

Hope you enjoy your trip Diane, great that you've got the posts already written.

LOL Debi

This wasn't actually the shop where I bought my stuff! This is a hardware shop a bit further down the street. We've actually got a bin like that and the holes are because it's for burning rubbish.

Bez said...

Hi Bev

A very old comment about the drummer for school!
I've not been on the Scunny site for a while, and I should but i'm just not feeling that sociable at the momment!
Very flattered about your comment though.
Your writing is great. I'm waiting for the book, be it your story, observations or a work of fiction.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Hi Bev, been super busy, promise to come back and read your posts soon!! Only managing one blog a day at mo plus mine...I'm not meaning to be a snob!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Just read Diane's post and realised that I hadn't noticed the santa didn't have snow! No snow on ours ofcourse! I have a sister, niece and son with birthdays in Dec, my son being the 27th and can relate to the whole 'eclipsed by Xmas scenario!'
I hope you and your family have a great christmas! I still have ALL our shopping to do yet...