Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Double Bass

I have got a double bass from school to play in the orchestra. My Mum suggested we volunteered for this instrument and not the cello as it would sound better when I was practising and the bass line of the orchestra is simpler to play than the higher pitched instruments so I wouldn't have to practise as much anyway. We listened on the internet to see what a double bass sounded like and heard one playing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star'. I was a bit put off as it sounded a bit low and funny and we were laughing.

It took three people to carry my double bass home from school and people stopped to stare. I played it with Holly on the recorder and asked to go busking but since my Mum and Dad have signed an agreement to pay £250 if it gets broken they said no.

I saw Mrs Prosser my music teacher visiting her sister who lives next door and stood at our window with my double bass and she gave the double thumbs up sign.

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