Friday, 18 May 2007

Missed first double bass lesson

I missed my first double bass lesson today as yesterday I sprained my arm doing handstands. When I got home I insisted on bandaging up my arm with a crepe bandage and, as we haven't got a sling bandage, making a sling with an old faded flowery pillow case. We had no safety pins to fix the bandage so used red masking tape instead. So as not to be left out Holly wanted a flowery pillow case sling too and we walked about a bit with them on until Holly's Mum saw her and told her to take it off as she looked stupid.

I dictated a letter to my Mum to my teacher saying that as I have sprained my arm I would not be able to write very well and let the other children know so that they could take extra care and not to bump into me.

A bandage craze seems to have started and everytime we get a little knock from playing on our roller blades we come in to get a bit of gauze which we secure with the red tape.

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Sweet Irene said...

I hope your arm gets better soon, Eleanor, but not too soon, of course!