Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Virgin Vie is a total rip-off

Today my Mum received the delivery of the goods which she ordered at the Virgin Vie party which she went to at the weekend with her friend Sally, who had asked her to go with her.

I went to a Virgin Vie party at Sally's house which is opposite and when Holly and I heard of the Virgin Vie party at Sally's friend's house we went round to Sally's to ask if we could go too but she said there would be no room.

When we came home from school my Mum said there would be a surprise delivery coming round which was a present for me.

When the lady delivered the Virgin Vie bag we went into the sitting room to look at the contents. It was great - a 'Day Spa Fizzical Workout' and loads of necklaces and earrings which we put on.

When my Mum came in she went mad and said to take off all the jewellrey as that was Sally's order and my present was the Fizzical Workout.

When my Dad came home my Mum was moaning to him that she had spent ten quid on a tube of cream and that Richard Branson had probably made nine quid profit out of her. She said that she always felt obliged to buy something at these parties because people laid on food and otherwise it was embarrassing and you didn't like to say no if you were asked to go. She said that Virgin Vie was an example of cynical capitalism which expoited people's good will and friendship. She said that it was no wonder the Virgin Rep said there were no plans to open any Virgin Vie shops because just seen on the shelves of a shop no one would buy such over-priced tat.

When Sally rang my Mum said she would just use a little bit of the Fizzical Workout at a time as it was a little pricey. Sally must have felt a little bit guilty as she sent round a tube of Go Hawaii Sun Seeker Shimmering Body Souffle which she had bought at a previous Virgin Vie party and hadn't used because she said the smell made her feel sick.

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Frances said...

that was a kind gesture, always generous to give away things that make you sick - I used to save thm up to give to my daughter's school's bizarres.