Sunday, 13 May 2007

Fair in the Park

Today I went with my Mum and Holly to a travelling fair in a park near our house. I have always liked fairground rides and am not even scared of the adult rides. My favourite ride is Crazy Frog.

I have always been like this and even as a baby liked to be pushed very high in a swing. We have got a fridge magnet of a picture taken on the Dragon Ride rollercoaster at Legoland and my brother and Mum are screaming but I am laughing.

We went on all of the rides and my Mum took a lot if pictures with her digital camera but since the rides were very fast they all came out with pictures of other people and the back of our heads. We like screaming and holding our hands up and Mum says all you can see are two blond pony tails bobbing about and blowing in the wind.

We had corn-on-the cob and it started raining. The park soon emptied but we wanted one last ride on the Crazy Frog. For some reason the bloke waited to see if the ride would fill up while we sat in the rain even though the park was emptying. As my Mum had warned we did not enjoy the ride but were absolutely soaking and had to be partly carried home where we warmed up with hot chocolate and a hot bath.

We watched the Eurovision until late and ate Dairylea Luncheables with my brother which we love but don't normally have and which my Mum only bought as they were reduced to 20p each. My brother Jack thought Terry Wogan is a card.


Eleanor said...

i dont no y we went on the ride because it was raining

Té la mà Maria said...

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