Monday, 28 May 2007


I have a new friend called Natalie who has just moved in opposite. She has some great trainers called 'Heelys' which are special trainers with wheels on the bottom so you can be walking along normally and suddenly you can be sliding along like Michael Jackson doing a moonwalk.

I thought these were great and wanted some, putting a lot of pressure on my Mum by crying a lot, flouncing about and pointing out that her brother had just had £150 spent on him on electronic equipment for his birthday.

I elicited a promise from my Mum that she would get the 'Heelys' the next day but since our car has broken down and we only have the old landrover 'Bob' which only sits one passenger and which my Mum cannot drive anyway we had to walk to the shops.

The nearest shops were about two miles away. It was a Sunday and nearly all the shops were shut anyway but we walked the length of the high street going in all the sports and shoe shops, but no luck.

However, we did not give up but continued walking, at one time along the grass verge of a dual carriageway, and ended up at the Retail Park in the centre of town. Hooray, the shop had some 'Heelys' and as Scampy was tied to a post outside barking getting upset and I had to spend some time trying on the 'Heelys' Mum asked the security guard if we could just bring him in for a moment because after all it was not a food shop. I at last found the right size but just as we were leaving the shop another security guard said "Excuse me, you are not allowed dogs in here" and my Mum said "Excuse me, I've just got permission and I've just spent fifty quid in here, if you know what I mean."


Stella said...

Good to read your lovley blogs. You write well.

-Stella Roy

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