Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Tessa is Badly

Tessa has not been very well. This is to be expected as she is fifteen. However last week one morning she couldn't even get up and appeared not to be able to see or hear. She couldn't even find her water bowl and had to walk up against the fence in the garden to find anything. She found it difficult to get up.

We took her to the vets who said she wasn't in pain and gave her some tablets. My Mum bought the best super deluxe gourmet dog food for toy dogs as she still wanted to eat and we disguised the tablets in sausage rolls.

This week she has made an amazing recovery. She suddenly wanted to go for walks again like she was desparate to keep going and had found her will to live. At first we took her on tiny walks up the street and she was a bit shaky but now she does a little playful skip while we put the lead on and is walking quite a long way.

Today I went with Holly to 'the hill' which is an old railway embankment and is a good slope for things like sledging. As there is no snow at the moment we use my brother's skateboards. We got there by my Mum pulling us both by bits of string with us on the skateboards. When she got tired we tried one person being pulled by Mum and the other by Scampy but that didn't work as he gets too excited and goes too fast.

We had a great time on the skateboards, doing it separately and racing the skateboards and doing it with Holly on my knee. Once when we did this Holly fell off and hurt herself, but not badly. Because I didn't show enough sympathy she stormed off and my Mum had to follow her because afterall she was responsible for her. She bought us both Magnums but I have still fallen out with her.

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