Monday, 28 May 2007

My dog Scampy

My dog Scampy is a little black terrier cross with a moustache and beard and a fringe which covers his forehead so that when he looks at you you only see one eye. He looks like that dog you can see on some of the dog tins at Morrisons.

He spends a lot of his time sitting on the front window sill looking for cats. Since we have two guinea pigs who spend a lot of their time in a mobile run which my Mum moves round the lawn it is like cat city round here.

Although he doesn't like cats himself he does display cat-like behaviour like lapping up the left-over milk in the cereal bowls which are left on the sitting room floor in the morning.

If somebody leaves the front door open, or even opens the door to go out, he takes his opportunity to escape and chase the cats by brushing past their legs in an instant. He runs down all the ten foots and we have to go and get him back. Once our neighbour who was building a paved parking space outside his house knocked on the door and said he had just seen Scampy running past. Another time Rob, who is Jack's friend's Dad, was just parking the car and told Jack that he had just seen Scampy running past.

He needs a lot of exercise and even after a walk will still bring my Mum a ball to throw for him. Sometimes my Mum cannot be bothered so she has put an ironing board against the wall in the sitting room and throws the ball at the ironing board and it bounces off the ironing board at an angle down the hall to give him a good run so she can sit and read the paper.

He waits for the postman and we have had to buy a mail box to put outside for him to put the letters in.

He can find a ball in a corn field.

He also barks at boys and birds in the sky and cats in hedges.

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