Monday, 14 May 2007

Shouting through the windows

As we have just got new double glazing (before we had old windows which you could fall through) Holly and I spend a lot of our time standing on the window sills and shouting through the top little open window. We shout at the boys we like or passers by.

We have just got new neighbours who are very quiet and you hardly ever see them. Today for the first time we saw them in the garden. We shouted through the window "What are you called? What, what do you say, are you called Beryl? Can't you hear us? Are you deaf?" but they went in again.

Later we were shouting through the window in my bedroom when my Mum came in and told us to get off the window sill as we might fall through the window. A few minutes later we came and asked my Mum for a bottle of tomato sauce. A few minutes later Holly came running to my Mum and said that Eleanor had fallen through the window. My Mum went rushing out of the door and found me lying on the path outside covered in tomato sauce. This backfired when later on I fell off a wall and Holly went running to my Mum and she didn't believe her.


sweet irene said...

Dear Eleanor,

I can't believe you are only nine years old, but I will keep reading you for a while to find out what your secret is. Your profile doesn't make me much wiser.

Frances said...

I loved this idea
I think I will use it on my daughter - to get generational revenge.