Thursday, 26 July 2007

I am on a roll with my downloading.


Bob II Silver birch grown from sapling

Special pocket to put the Tamagotchi in

A lovely pound shop Xmas Village

Eleanor's coat

Like Eduard I like Top Gear (my bedside table)

Scamp being winsome at the window


Double Bass

Daniel and Misty

Tessa in the back garden


Frances said...

Really nice, even though I did have to look sideways at some of them. I like seeing your stuff. We are a nosy lot, really - it's like looking in people's windows in the evening. Is that your wedding pic?

Eleanor said...

Yes, it is.
Give us a break with the sideways business, I've only just got the hang of downloading.

Frances said...

ooh - who's a pretty girl then?
I know what you mean about the downloading. I really struggle each time with the text and the pics. But I realised it works much more easily with the html thing than compose.
For sideways pics, you need to turn them before you upload - are you posting them from your computer? or from a camera? or from a phone? If phone, I have no idea what one does as I have an ANCIENT mobile phone with no gizmos

Suessigkeit said...

my dog is also named scamp and looks JUST like yours! i'll post a pic on my blog. wonderful writing, by the way.