Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Gritty Urban pics (cont)

This is meant to be the second part of today's posting, as I needed two posts to put my pictures in, but I've done it the wrong way round, as I have forgotten how blogs work.

First two pics show the attempts people make to improve their environment. Home-made fence hangings, actually there were quite a lot of these but due to the large fortress-like fence I couldn't get them all in. A garden full of sunflowers.

Third picture is Rock City which someone has had the foresight to build as a macho aspirational place which will hopefully help keep the lads off the streets. 'Climbing mountains' could also function as an inspiring metaphor for improving the quality of your life. The picture that someone has painted on the front is also very striking, hinting at the idea of walking off into the sunset.

Fourth shows an exotic palm tree, which is rather incongruous in its surroundings. I also took at picture of a stand -off between a rotty(Rottweiler) and a staffie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) as they were being taken for walks, but very surrepticiously as I had already been questioned by someone and I didn't fancy being questioned by this lot. However, my husband forgot to download the pics into the computer and isn't in the mood to download anymore! I still can't do this part.

Fifth pic, on a previous posting I was speculating that someone in Hull had a lion in their garden, (rather in the manner of lions at the entrance to stately homes) due to the extreme size of the garden ornaments sold, and here it is.


Sweet Irene said...

There is a house not too far from here with a low wall around the front garden (it isn't much of a garden) and on the wall sit two statues of pit bulls. How is that for exquisite taste? When I have my digital camera, I will go around and take pictures of the neighborhood like you do. I find them quite interesting.

Frances said...

Loving these pictures. I am such a lazy so-and-so, I don't go out specifically to take pics of the area and of course i forget my camera when I go out for other things.
Love the lion - people need their incongruous fantasies - otherwise how would they survive their lives that haven't turned out how they imagined.
BTW I found out after a TREMENDOUS struggle the other day that if you save your posts, not post them immediately and then change the time on them (in Options, I think) you can get them to show up in the order you want.
If that is gobbledegook, tell me so, I'll try and explain more clearly.

Frances said...

The more I look at the lion, the more i like it. I love surreal out-of-place things, they have their own beauty.
The palm tree is interesting. they grow everywhere - don't they? We have one and I think it is HORRIBLE - I'm trying to grow a rose up it at the moment to cover it up. They are very popular here though, people imagine it means Devon is gorgeously hot unlike the rest of the country. I don't think they would be pleased to know they are happily growing in t Darkest North

Eleanor said...

Sweet Irene, pit bulls?! It makes them sound like quite scary people. It would certainly put you off visiting. I have seen two horses at the entrance to a house with stables near here, which is a bit more conventional.

I spend a lot of time walking about and like looking into people's gardens, I think they can tell you a lot about the people inside.

Eleanor said...

Frances, great about the palm trees!