Sunday, 12 August 2007

Using up my last batch of gritty urban pics

I am going to sign on on Tuesday, so doubtless I will come back with a whole load more urban pics.

First pic, anchor fountain on Hessle Road. Hessle Road is the street where a lot of the fisherman lived when Hull was still a great port, and here is a reminder of that fact, though it is now a place where children play.

Second pic, Victorian buildings (built when Hull was a great port) sit side by side with the industrial present. The factory is Smith and Nephew (makers of medical dressings)where Holly's Mum used to work and where my friend Bridget used to work. I used to look after her kids in the afternoon after school and after a nominal payment she used to bring me fancy plasters, like Winnie the Pooh plasters for the kids, as she used to act as a guinea pig for the new plasters when they were being developed. Quite useful having a friend who did this when the kids were still in their falling over phase. You can see Clive Sullivan Way, which is a very fast dual carriage way and one of the main arteries leading into Hull. I once took a wrong turning and ended up on this and I could hardly used the gear stick, my hands were shaking so much.

Third pic, 'Heaven and Hell', I thought this was a night club, but my husband says it is a lap dancing club. I was lured in (not literally, just to take the pics)by the imaginative design of the club as depicted on the poster outside. It has two floors, and you go down a twinkly glittery staircase full of pure blue light (Heaven) into the bar which is a bit nondescript(Purgatory). The fun really starts on the basement floor which is lit by flickering orange strobe lights. I am quite open-minded about things like this, I have to be because I live in Hull.

Fourth pic, city centre, notice the noble architecture, pleasant flower beds (all over Hull, supplied by the City Council) and more kids larking about.

Fifth pic, sad this, an elegant Victorian building fallen on hard times.


Sweet Irene said...

Did you notice how beautiful the clouds are in some of these pictures?

Frances said...

I agree about the clouds Irene - however gritty the urban environment, there are usually signs of nature - in London quite a lot of wildlife, foxes, hedgehogs and so on, as well as clouds!
About Heaven and Hell, I do wonder why the lap-dancing bit is the Hell - who for? or maybe it's just really hot - I would have thought Limbo would have been a better name hur hur LOL

Frances said...

Just said hello to Eleanor on my blog, so you've managed to get her interested again - you will have to change your blog name eventually, I suppose, if she wants her own to post pics for her mates.

Eleanor said...

Yes, Sweet Irene, the clouds are beautiful, I hadn't noticed those. I must take time to look beyond my immediate environment.

Re Heaven and Hell, I've always thought lap dancing could be quite self-empowering, don't they now teach pole dancing as a form of self expression for women? Preferable to working in a fish factory at any rate. LOL

Eleanor said...

Also there looks to be a tree growing on that derelict building. Nature always finds a way.