Sunday, 5 August 2007

MG Car Rally

I have included in this post a pic for France's 2 Things Challenge, though my entry is very loosely based on the theme and perhaps is rather stretching the point too far. The entry is the second pic, which has a green classic MG whose motor Mark says contains oil and if you look very closely at the picnic box you will see that it contains a bottle of drinking water.

We went to this classic car rally in Platley Bridge. It was a classic English scene with beautiful old MGs polished and gleaming in the sunshine and people picnicing on the grass.

There is Mark and Scamp looking at a tool stall. Mark is fascinated by this sort of thing. I myself less so, though I can see a sort of beauty in a row of spanners laid out according to size. with a very small size variation between each one. I also liked the special brushes that you could buy to clean in between the spokes on the wheels of the very old MGs. These are people who take their MGs very seriously, and indeed they are works of art, though of the engineered variety.


Bobbie said...

Eleanor, great that you have joined us. Your entry proves one thing: Oil and Water do mix :) Welcome to our fun little game.

Frances said...

Liked the pics
they were classy - and nice and outdoorsy.
I like your photos in general and it's even better now I don't have to stand up and crane to see some of them.
Hope you like the 2 things thing - it is fun as Bobbie says - when we finally get any pics up and running!