Thursday, 23 August 2007

Our Stained Glass Window

I have taken a picture of our stained glass window because I notice that Frances did one, though only yesterday, but she seems to have moved on very quickly to lots of other things, probably because all has gone quiet at her house, for the moment.
First pic, rotty, staffie stand off (behind the cars). Notice shaky camera work as I didn't want them to see me taking the pic. I'm going to have to improve my urban-picture taking technique.
Second pic, stained glass window. Quite nice corner of our house this, almost churchified with the tea light candle holder and the stained glass window. Also almost conservatory effect with the upper window which was customised when the house was built and is the genuine 30s article, the only one in the street. Makes this room lovely and light.
It is quite unusual to have a stained glass window on the side of the house like this, but in fact it isn't a real one but is made out of a special plastic sheet which you can put over the window. We did this to hide the wall and guttering outside, but it does resemble the genuine article.
While we are on the subject, I thought I would include more of my stained glass things. Third pic, our Indian light, like a lantern. Fourth pic some coloured glass bottles which I used to collect, and which I think make quite an inspiring assemblage, being so colourful and positioned in such a positive way, starting small and growing tall. Fifth pic, stained glass effect on our new front door. And I notice the pattern is very much like the one on Frances' window!


Bobbie said...

I love the indian light and also the pretty colored bottles. Maybe you need a hat to hide your camera in and a remote control? Then you could shoot away and no-one could see you! he he.

Sweet Irene said...

I always like the pictures of your house the best, as I then get a feeling of what you are all about. I like the picture of your book case with the glass bottles. I don't collect anything. The apartment is too small for that kind of a luxury. If I did, I would collect things having to do with cats, most likely. I have some cat things now. I'll take pictures of them when I have my digital camera.

Frances said...

Lovely - I love coloured glass, in any form. I am really interested in the stained glass plastic idea because our bathroom has a sash-window that opens on to the main street side and privacy is an issue for me. someone stuck something like plastic shower curtain on the window, they did it badly and it looks HORRIBLE and doesn't fit, so that stained glass thing sounds good. What is it called? I was thinking of buying an old stained glass window at the dump and just sticking it on...... bodge is my middle name.

Eleanor said...

Bobbie, good idea about the hat! I have seen all sorts of things but sometimes don't dare take the picture because of the reaction it may provoke.

Sweet Irene, when I was a girl I used to collect Wade miniatures, which are tiny animals. Wish I'd kept them, as they are worth a lot of money now. Also I remember collecting little shell animals, like a cockle shell with little eyes, ears,and a tail like a dog, which I used to get when my Mum when to the fish shop.

Frances, I don't know what it is called as I leave those sorts fo things up to my husband! The best bet is to go into your local B&Q and there are all sorts of effective sticker effects, quite like the kids ones which used to decorate my kid's bedrooms. I think we had some action men ones. The stained glass windows ones are very good, and as I am sitting here looking at it virtually distinguishable from the real thing.