Monday, 6 August 2007

Some corners of my house

Here are some corners of my house, in response to a request from Sweet Irene.
Firstly my Indian themed dining room.
Secondly our fire place. We live in a 1930s terrace and when we moved in this fireplace was the original 1930s one which was a dark mahogany, quite dark and forbidding. We have always wanted a pine fireplace so Mark painted it with pine coloured paint. If you look you can see that he has even put in the knots in the wood, which is a nice touch. So it is a rather strange hybrid, a 1930s pine fireplace. On it (the grey shape) you can see Eleanor's vase which she made out of clay and coloured aquarium stones at Brownies for Mother's Day. Quite heavy this, and you have to take care not to knock it off.
Thirdly my impressionist lampshade, as I like the colour effects of the impressionist school of painting and wanted it on my lampshade.
Because I don't like cooking and my kitchen is small and dark and wanted to make being in it the most positive experience I could make it I tried to think of the most positive experience I could think of and came up with a Mediterranean theme. The colours of the walls are contrasting oranges (quite pleased with the combination of colours here) as orange is the colour of celebration and life. Note the border with vines and grapes. I put three little terracotta pots on the window sill to complement the theme, but two have been knocked off.
Our Roman Baths. Mark made the mosiac and I put on a mosiac border of sea creatures. Again it is a 1930s bathroom, as you can tell by the tiles. The bath is very narrow and coffin shaped, but environmentally friendly as it does not take much water. You have to be very slim to use it, as maybe they were in the 30s, due to rationing.


Sweet Irene said...

What a lovely house you live in. It's so nice to see the place and see all the color schemes. Very imaginative! I like the fireplace and I think the bathroom is lovely. You are inspiring me to do things here myself!

Sweet Irene said...

By the way, do you know what happened to Frances? She hasn't been writing her blog.

Debi said...

Well, if this doesn't throw my hat into the river! Look at all these posts, with pictures, in the last few weeks. Somewhere I got the impression that Eleanor -- or Eleanor's Mum -- was going away just as I was really digging her.

Never mind all that! I have lots of reading and catching up to do. Comments from Texas are still allowed, I hope. ;)

Sweet Irene, I'm seeing your name more and more frequently. I'll be heading your way next. By the way, Frances is on vacation, or on holiday as you say across the pond. She'll be back soon.

Frances said...

Love these pictures - you are one talented picturetakeress - I think I might do some like that. I was looking at stuff before i went away and thinking I could do what I did in the past with my language students and do a show and tell of things I like. My problem is that the house in general is a tip and trying to take pictures that don't show the chaos is going to be a challenge.
Yep, Irene, Debi is right, I went to Rennes for a week. I probably forgot to say because I am in email contact with some of the other bloggers and also on facebook - I think it is a good point though - there is a kind of care for each other in the blogging world, and we should let each other know when we will be away. I wonder if there is something on the blog that we can put a little news thing in. I'll ask Debi, she is sure to know!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Found it! And a nice tidy mosaic it is too! He's done well. Our house is a rental or I would take to it with paint and mosaics too...
I like these corners photo's, at first I thought it was a 2 things theme. I like your Indian theme dining room too. You have good taste!