Tuesday, 28 August 2007

My Kitchen Cupboard

I was going to do an art installation 'Pile of shoes by the door' because I think you could told a lot about us by our shoes
but it looks really messy and doesn't give a good impression. We do have a 'shoe box' but it never gets used.
So instead our kitchen cupboard full of light things. I say light things because my husband put the cupboard up and I put a load of tins in it and the whole thing fell down once narrowly missing me, so I keep the tins in a sturdy cupboard elsewhere.
I am a believer in vitamins and always have a mega 500g vitamin C (as an insurance or rather a talisman against the smoking). Next to the C are capsules of fish oils which are supposed to improve kids intelligence and have been heavily promoted recently. They do taste foul and you can't even disguise them in drinks as they form a little fish oil slick on the top of the drink so these have been abandoned, but I did make Jack have one a day throughout his SATs and he did quite well, though whether it means anything I don't know, and is hardly a scientific experiment. The one thing they are really good for is exzema, which Jack has on his legs, and after a few days of capsules the skin on his legs improves dramatically.
Curry and chilli powder and Italien herbs which mean the culinary world is my oyster. Flour for Yorkshire Puddings, and, when the kids were smaller to make play dough with. I used to bring this out whenever they had friends round, and put some oil in it for the texture, though the super deluxe version contains cream of tartare (I actually went out and bought this)and which feels soft and satiny to the touch. I also bought some food colouring to bring the visual experience of the dough in line with the tactile.
Behind the drinking chocolate is my packet of green tea which has the highest antioxidant content of any drink and is also a talisman against the smoking. I have many drinks of this throughout the day and leave the teabag in for maximum absorption but the drink does have the effect of stewed grass and I have caught my kids friends looking at it and me a bit funnily, especially the ones who have seen my daughter eating chives.
Packet of Ginger Nuts at the back as Mark is partial to a Ginger Nut with his tea. Sometimes if he is especially lucky I take out the brown box on the right and he gets a chocolate cake.


Sweet Irene said...

I didn't know that about fish oil and eczema. I will need to start using it and see if that works for me. Besides that, I wish to be very smart also. Re: Paint Shop Manual.

Bobbie said...

I take fish oil for rheumatoid arthritis and it helps me a bunch. I don't know about the smart part as my memory is going fast :) It was fun looking at your cupboard, but what is Red Label? Thanks for sharing.

Frances said...

Fish oil is supposed to be very good, My Mum used to have to take it in a spoon, cod liver oil and malt I think. YUCK - I sometimes take capsules and swallow them quick - but you do get an unexpected fishy burp sometimes, later in the day so you can't think why....
Exciting times... LOL

Frances said...

Red Label is probably teabags. I like Red Label it makes dark tea.
Re playdough - if you want any I made loads for my little nephew and it is sitting here looking slightly disgusting. I have pink yellow and beigy-grey (was white!)

Beverley said...

Sweet Irene, that last comment made me laugh!

Bobbie, yes fish oil is supposed to be good for arthritis. We also used to give some to Tessa and her coat became super-shiny.

Frances, you made me laugh too with your exciting times. You can grow some interesting mould on playdough which has been left for a week. I used to put salt in which acted as a preservative and stopped the kids eating it as they are prone to do.

I really need to get out more as I am scraping the bottom of the barrel with my subjects. It will be waste paper basket next.

dianeclancy said...

Those pictures are neat (like cool) looking.

I take fish oil for arthritis.

~ Diane Clancy