Monday, 13 August 2007

Summer Holiday Table Mess, An Art Installation a la Tracy Emin

If Tracy Emin can do this with her bed, then I can do it with my table. It will still be like this in a week's time if someone wants to take it away and pay me a lot of money for it.

Notice attempts at healthy eating with the fruit bowl full of oranges. Also, culture and current affairs with today's copy of The Times (partially hidden).

The flowers in the vase are past their best but they were a wedding anniversary present and I like to get my money out of things. Crystal vase a wedding present from my sister. Small woollen thing to the bottom left of the pic a knitted necklace Eleanor made at her grandma's. If you look closely you can see strands of wool coming out of it which you can use to tie round your neck when you go out.

Etch-a-sketch hidden under pile of books. You will notice that all the little shapes which you use to make patterns with have long since been lost. Torn bit of paper, maybe somebody has started to make something and then lost interest and then wandered off. Scrapbook full of pics of pop stars, David Beckham on the front. Blue Teddy with the nightcap on that Eleanor takes to bed. Jacqueline Wilson book.

Place mats obviously left on the table at all times because somebody can't be bothered to put them away. Lazy.


Sweet Irene said...

I really like the way you are sharing your life with us. It is so intimate and cozy. I love your table and it makes me want to sit down there and have an orange.

Debi said...

Beverly, I mean Eleanor's Mum, I love your sense of style and humor. I have never read anything like you before, and it gives me a kick.

I love the honesty of your picture, kind of a post-modern statement about real life. I love it that you make no promises it will be cleared next week. That made me laugh.

I, too, will not throw out flowers until the last petal has wrinkled and turn a yucky brown. And then I'm so frugal I will throw it, smelly water included, in the compost heap.

Irene and I will ride over in my trusty stead for an orange. No tidying necessary. ;)

Frances said...

Glad to see something online that reflects one of my despairs. I wouldn't post photos of the mess in the room I'm in now because they are toooooo depressing. And I sit in it.

Eleanor said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments!

Eleanor said...

I quite enjoyed doing this installation, though in fact I didn't have to do anything at all. I am going to try some more modern art installations, as all the special techniques you all are doing on paintings and photos, though I enjoy them very much, are beyond me. Before you say anything, honestly they are. I'm going to stick to art installations as I suspect they require a lot less skill and technical expertise.

Rima said...

Absolutely - you should try more of these lovely art installation thingies. You can call them assemblage, which gives them instant cachet. But they don't need any additional charm, which you possess in spades and that's a fact.

This post was adorable, as was the tabletop "assemblage" - looks like my house AFTER I tidied up. And now I know who Tracy Emin is. And I'll have you know her bed looks exactly like mine.

Lovely writing, Eleanor's mum