Tuesday, 7 August 2007

My garden

Here is my garden, which is just an ordinary little surburban garden, but I like it.

The front garden has a few abandoned objects in it, a skateboard and some silver shoes, which are not mutually exclusive, one can skateboard with silver shoes on. It also has a bench, which was originally on the concrete in the back garden because it is the front garden which catches the sun in the evenings and it provides a useful place to hang out. I got the idea from Elliot's Dad who had a bench in his front garden but it turns out he was just leaving it there for 'Relate' charity shop to pick up. Towering gladioli to be seen, one bent which is one of the hazards of having a garden which is also a thoroughfare for kids. Lovely little white flowers with petals like the finest lace and also self-seeding pink poppies.

Second pic weather beaten guinea pig run tied up with string, Let's hope none of the cats are particularly dextrous with their paws. Who put that football among my lettuces! I am currently a right little market gardener toing and froing with my fresh lettuce leaves, which I rinse in a collinder and leave to dry in the sink. There are always a few lettuce leaves on the go, useful for packed lunches or side salads.

Back garden, unfortunate fence. Was covered with a Russian Vine which lived up to its name and was cut down. Tiny bit of ivy coming through from next doors, hope it has the same fence camouflaging effect, for free. Note the exotic blue flower which was grown from a bulb and is the only thing that could be called remotely spectacular in our garden. The most pitiful hanging baskets I have ever seen. They are supposed to be nasturtiums but the soil was too poor even for these hardy plants. So bad they are almost good.

But see how in the last picture how it is transformed by the sunlight into something shimmery and ethereal. A natural light effect, like a sprinking of fairy dust.


Frances said...

I love gardens - the bench thing made me laugh - I think misunderstandings often throw up interesting ideas - it is one of my more annoying habits to pursue and discuss misunderstandings - they are so interesting to me and so boring to everyone else, which makes it even better of course, with my strange sense of humour. Sometimes I'm so glad I haven't been diagnosed and cured! LOL

Sweet Irene said...

Well, you can be diagnosed and a little bit cured and still have a lot of fun, lol. I also like misunderstandings and I have many of them that I will hang on to for years for failure of asking for an explanation. You should keep the bench there. It is in a good place. I like the guinea pig run, it looks very cozy. I'll have to look up the Wandering Jew plant in my Best Western Garden Book and see what it says about it. If it is indestructible, it may just me what I need.