Friday, 19 October 2007

Autumn Dog Walk

I did not know what to put on my post today.

However, mother nature handed me the material for this post on a silver platter, as here it was one of the best days of the year so I took my camera when I went on my afternoon dog walk.

Third and seventh pic. Near here is what used to be a railway line and you can see the manmade hills which are what is left of the excavations when they made it. Great for sledging in winter. It is now a very straight narrow greenbelt, very pleasant and park-like.

Fourth and eighth pic, autumn colours on the trees, the top tree has a lovely blush effect.

Fifth pic, a present for Frances. What's not to like? More evidence of enlightened council with the green verges they have put in the middle of this road.

Sixth pic, Scamp was wary of this little dog after an unfortunate experience he had with three Jack Russells once. Jack Russells always imagine themselves to be very big dogs, whatever their size and this one was no exception. Scamp himself looks a bit scruffy on this pic, and if he going to continue to be my model he is going to need a good brushing. On the other hand, I have always thought his scruffiness was part of his charm and if ever I were to end up on the streets imagine he would be a good dog to go begging with.

First, second and last pics, a magical place near here which is a green surrounded by classy Lutyens Victorian villas and has at its centre The Library. These huge horse chestnut trees are probably as old as the houses. I was looking around to take some pictures of the horse chestnuts as I like their polished mahogany effect and pristine shapes, but couldn't find any. Usually lots on the floor but if you run out you can throw sticks into the trees to get some more down. Another place where my kids grew up, and I used to feed Eleanor behind one of the large picture books which I was reading to Jack. I notice now they have a special screen, which is more enlightened. Still, in some respects I was an early pioneer.


Frances said...

What lovely photos, Bev. It looks as if it was great weather where you are as well. We had beautiful sunny weather here and I looked at the garden longingly, but unfortunately my daughter had taken my camera with her on her adventure to Exeter - I dread to think what she and her friend took pics of, but no doubt they have already been censored against over 18s!

Bobbie said...

I enjoyed these pictures and compared your trees to ours and can you believe it the color is about the same since we are further south than you. Ours are just now starting to color and I am eagerly awaiting the time to get some really good pictures for mandalas.

We too have a RR park here called "Long Park" (how appropriate) that runs from one end of town to the other and makes a great biking/jogging park through people's backyards.

Sweet Irene said...

I always like it when you post pictures of your surroundings. It makes it all so real to me. This is where Bev really lives! I like the way Scamp looks, you should keep him just like that. He looks like a scamp. I did tell you that my grandson's dog is named Scamp too? He is a Schnauzer. A real good little dog, as I am sure your Scamp is also.

Beverley said...

Bobbie, interesting about the RR park that you have. It seems that all over the place they make use of land like this. If you look at the pics you can see the remains of the shrubbery at the side of the railway. Nice to think that land which has served its purpose for necessary industrial uses can be returned back to nature like this.