Sunday, 21 October 2007

My Tarantula

I am just putting on this picture as an entry to 'Fun Monday' about unusual items of clothing on Willowtree's blog ('A Dingo Got My Barbie') which is a blog written by an Aussie bloke in the outback, which I got onto through Laurie's 'Two Dog Blog'. It is our tarantula which we found living in Bob Marley's hat which came in a consignment of bananas from Jamaica.


Frances said...

one of those bananas is trying to escape from the tarantula

laurie said...

beverley.... i am beginning to think.... um..... how can i say this without being offensive..... YOUR BLOGS DONT' ALWAYS REFLECT THE LITERAL TRUTH!!!

there. i said it.

(you are very funny.)

Bobbie said...

You silly girl! I think you must be related to Frances with some of the stuff you come up with. he he.

Sweet Irene said...

You know, I used to believe your stories, but ,luckily, I have caught on to you and know when you are having one over on us now. I bet you can still trick me, though! I like this one. It was very well set up.