Sunday, 7 October 2007

My Collage or Photo for Rima For Environment Day

Here is the collage I created to day for Rima (MaraZine)for Environment Day on October 15. It's called 'People Need Green Spaces'. I took the pictures while it was still daylight on my digital camera while the glue was still drying but I will scan her the polished result before that date.

I enjoyed doing this as I have never made a collage before. I wished to express the feelings I have about how people, in particular, children need green spaces in today's industrial society. Top pics are pictures of a Common near us which has actually been fenced off but which the kids naturally gravitate to.
However, I don't know anything about art, and I think this may be a bit rubbish. It is very literal and some of the pics have been cut out of the Argos catalogue. I will give Rima the choice of the second photo if she wants it, entitled 'Protest - Urban Kids Need Green Spaces'. It is a genuine bit of graffiti, and as such an art installation in situ, as it were. I like the valid political protest it is making, with No on the 'No Public Access' deleted so that the sign's message has been subverted. They have also pointed out the fact that it is a called a Common, and as such should be common land, that is, free for all to enjoy, not fenced in by whoever bought it from the money-grabbing (East Riding)Council. It has obviously been done by kids as they have spelt the name of the Common wrong, realised it, then gone back to change it! Also I like the contrast between the urban graffti of the sign and the little patch of delicate flowers, or nature, behind the large fence, just out of reach.


Frances said...

Hey, Bev
Good for you. Looks great. Bet you enjoyed it.

Bez said...

Bev, I didnt realise I had been insulted. You seemed quite complementary, saying the kids seemed to like me. Must have missed the bad bit! If your folks still live in Humberston, I wonder if they noticed the colour picture and article about D.O.G. I'm sure your mum wouldnt approve!We have a new drummer and had to play several unrehearsed songs last night (I only met him on Thursday) but we had a great gig.
LOved the psychadelic picture you used for your header (the one that seemed to use fractal geometry) but it seems to have gone.

Bobbie said...

Love your ideas Beverly. Focusing on people's need for green land is wonderful. It is like air and water, we need it to live.

Beverley said...

I've just been on Rima's gallery page. I can't submit any of this. I might not submit anything at all

Beverley said...
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