Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Your better half

Frances tagged me to do this quiz.

1. Who is your man? Mark
2. How long have you been together ? Fifteen years
3. How long dated? Two and a half years
4. Who eats more? Him, once ate the whole table's leftovers at a wedding.
5. Who pays the bills? Him at the moment, though in the past I have made substantial contributions by doing jobs that fitted in with the kids.
6. Who is better with the computer ? Him, although I have a New Clait qualification.
7. Who mows the lawn? Me, to keep the front lawn tidy to make a good impression if any of the kids Mums are coming round
8. Who cooks dinner? Me,through force of circumstance, though he is a better cook and can make soda bread.
9. Who drives when you are together? Him, though I can drive, though not very well, and the kids keep a look out at junctions and say 'Mum, try not to crash.' I was once sent a threatening (and rather petty letter) for denting a neighbour's numberplate while reversing. Once at work I needed help to put the key in the ignition.
10.Who pays when you go out? Him, though once I bought him a car so our individual credit scorings in this respect are even.
11. Who is the most stubborn?. Him. If he is a mule, then I am a little donkey foal.
12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me, because I usually am.
13. Whose parents do you see the most?Mine
14. Who kissed who first? Me, because he was being very gentlemanly.
15. Who asked who out? He asked me.
16. Who proposed? I did, because I have a feminist side.
17. Who is the most sensitive? Me. If I am shrinking violet then he is an aphidistra, you can't kill 'em
18. Who has more friends? Him
19. How did you get engaged? Can't remember, but remember we got a food processor.

I tag Sweet Irene and Rima


Frances said...

Hmm - re 9. Was that something to do with the bevy, Bev?

Frances said...

BTW Like yours. You were quite restrained considering your remarks of earlier in the evening.
Irene will have to write about both her husbands now, being tagged twice - maybe she can do a Compare and Contrast.

Bobbie said...

How funny some of your answers. I laughed when you couldn't remember how you got engaged. Tee hee. My man always remembers the details, but I forget and am ashamed.

Beverley said...

Frances, re your comments re 9. Cheek! Actually, no it wasn't. I only do low risk activity when I have been at the bevy like dog walking and buying and carrying home bathroom carpets. It is a criminal offense, you know. I don't want to get into serious trouble via my blog. This is in case a policeman is reading lol

Frances said...

You have proved it, men are more romantic. I had to go for probability in some of my answers. Dating, not sure about that - sometimes difficult to know when a relationship goes from one stage into the next.

Rima said...

Too late, babe! Got tagged by Bobbie first, but she had way more questions than you do - how come? You made me laugh so hard at your answers, you're a riot! I'll bet you and Mark are very good friends too. BTW, even though I'm a very good driver (yes! hush!), my 4-year old's job is to warn me from her booster seat in the back: "Watch out! Here's a place to park! It's green! That was a stop sign! Are you sure this is the way to Sophie's house?"

Beverley said...

Rima, I think the tagging is like Chinese Whispers. It starts off one thing and ends up another. I think I left a question out by mistake.

Beverley said...

Just reading your great answer I think other people left some out by mistake too lol