Thursday, 25 October 2007

Haiku Mania

Writing simple Haiku-like poems is very enjoyable as I found out yesterday. I only did one because it was short and I didn't have the time to try to write a proper poem ! So I thought I'd try a few more, inspired by some unused pics in my collection.
Laughter and voices
The froth of beer from the tap
Escape from the world

The Lottery
I wish this was mine
As I admire the facade
But I need to win

Flowerbed in Summer

The flowers draw us
To sit and talk in the sun
The circle of life


Through the arch of leaves
The light of the buttercups
A new world beyond
He Sees His Mum In The Audience
My school assembly
I walked in and saw your hair
I like you Mum

Frances has kindly given me a link which I will look at to see how you do it properly and then I might do some more tomorrow.


Bobbie said...

Oh you sneaky girl you. But I do love the way you applied the haiku to the photos you took. I love haiku but don't have clue about the rules. It all sounds good to me.

Bez said...

Bev, thats mean! You changed it and called me pedantic :-(
I realised I was being an anorak, hence my comment.

Anyhow, I said I really liked it, and the new ones are awesome too (and follow the rules :-) ).

Keep it up, its a talent, and I want to read more!

I think you are still mad because I beat you at trivial pursuit.(Hey that 17 sylables, is it a poem?)

Beverley said...

Bez, I took the comment in the way it was intended. You are obviously a teacher, but a funny one lol

Frances said...

Good for you, Bev. Nice one. Like the pomes as well.
Tee hee - Bez has no chance in the battle of the intellects. Sneakiness wins every time.

Bez said...

Bev, Frances, you are ganging up on me! I might not play anymore!

Frances said...

oh go on - u love it - at least ur getting noticed LOL

Beverley said...

Frances, I like your new computer lingo.

Frances said...

I'm reet street as they say in Dewsbury.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

These photos and poems are very very cool!!

~ Diane Clancy

Beverley said...

It certainly is a poem Bez, following the ancient Japanese rules of haiku which call for 17 syllable. The (7,5,7) is the English imitation. How come you are such an expert on haiku.

I like that line, because it is a classic understatement, or something...