Friday, 19 October 2007

Two Things Challenge - Obscure/Reveal

Two entries for this week's two things challenge which is Obscure/Reveal.

First a pic I took in Pearson Park in Hull, which is a Victorian Park. I was walking round a bush and suddenly the stately statued form of Albert, Prince Regent appeared. So I took this pic, though he is still partially obscured by vegetation. I don't think Queen Victoria would be very amused to find her beloved consort in the middle of a bush.

Second pic is what happens when you try and take a picture across a busy dual carriageway - obscure, reveal!


Bobbie said...

How clever of you Beverly. I like the first picture best, but both make the point very well. I hope you had fun!

Frances said...

I must think of something for this one. I like yours. clever girl!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Beverly,

They do a good job - I agree.

This image on your site is GREAT - I think you have changed it since I was here (as opposed to the reader).

~ Diane Clancy