Thursday, 11 October 2007

Sexy gypsy men and other matters

Today I walked into town to obtain an application form from Manpower for a job which I am applying for. I took some pics to give you a feel of my walk.
First pic, KC Stadium which is a new stadium in Hull and recently provided a venue for The Who.
Next three pics, travellers caravans at the back of the Hull Fair. I don't know what the heck I was doing taking these and if anyone saw me doing it they would have had a few questions to ask. The back of some travellers, and in the interests of anthropological research I have to report that a large number of the travellers in the vicinity do have blue eyes and dark colouring. As did the lady who owned the guard dog who is getting to know Scamp in the fourth picture whom I talked to. There seem to be a lot of money in showmanship as evidenced by the caravans (brown one has been to the States)and the large number of pickup trucks.
Fifth and sixth pix, some of the lovely old fair stuff.
Seventh pic, shop where we bought an engraved tankard for a retiring scoutmaster to show our appreciation. Eighth pic, a nightclub which I used to go to which holds many memories. Nineth pic, decorated flats, of which there, are many round here. I think I have already posted a pic of some pink ones and here I am adding to my collection.
Eyecatching title to this post, but I fear the rest of it did not quite live up to its promise.


Frances said...

oh well, another dream dashed. hur hur.
I do think the new habit of painting these huge blocks makes a difference. We had some really ugly ones in North London in a big group and they painted them in various colours, the difference was incredible. A bit of colour. I like the look of that roundabout, pretty authentic and ancient looking. And roasted chestnuts, wow!

laurie said...

hmmm, if there are any sexy men in these pics, i can't see em. but i like the carousel.

Bobbie said...

Where, where? I can't see 'em. Durn! I missed 'em!

Sweet Irene said...

Sexy gypsy men sound very dishie, I'll have one for desert. Where are you hiding them, Bev?

Painted flats are a rage here too. They do improve things quite a bit and make everything look so much more cheerful. Somehow it makes it not as bad to live in them.

Are people with blue eyes and dark hair Celts? You see them around here too. Some Frisians are quite dark haired and blue eyed.

Beverley said...

You can see the back of some walking along.

Anonymous said...

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