Sunday, 14 October 2007

They always like the boxes best

Even at the grand old age of ten Ells and Holls have proved the old adage that when it comes to presents they always like the boxes that they come in best. Here are the little homes they made for their toys which they bought last night from 'Toys R Us'. I particularly like the little bed made out of a box that Ell's ring came in.


Frances said...

I was only teasing my cousin a while back about how much he used to like playing in a big soap-powder box, pretending to be a dog. As I was a teenager when he was a baby, I have these powers to embarrass. I still love him though, even though he is a bald middle-aged man now.

Bobbie said...

Love that the kids are re-cycling these boxes into toy boxes. Kids do like things where they can create and use their imagination.

laurie said...

those are adorable.

i was very interested in miniatures when i was that age, and tried to make little rooms, too. mine were nowhere as nice as those. very talented, they are!