Tuesday, 23 October 2007

ell's idea!!!

Hello people of the world i have some edvise for all u bloggers out there. This will tell u how to make the perfect blog.
1) It has to coulerful, if it is not coulerful it will not be accteractive!
2)The writing must be intaresting!
3)The must just be WOW!!! T o suck ur readers into the acctoin, or for the calm blogger try a cool romance storey.
4)The most important thing about a blog is also the comments, if there is no comments there will be no contact or friendlyness.

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Beverley said...

if u have eny questions please dont be arraied 2 ask

dianeclancy said...

Hi Eleanor,

Thanks for these suggestions ... the hard part is the implementing them ... I know I sure try!!

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

Ok, I'll do my best to reel in the readers :)

Beverley said...

Thank you for your advice, Eleanor. I'll try and take it on board. Mum

Frances said...
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Frances said...

Good advice Eleanor, I think you are right. The comments make things, because it is interesting to read what other people think about a blog as well as just what the blogger says. As for the colours, I AGREE completely. I don't really like blogs that just have loads of writing and no pics. That's why I like your Mum's - it has good photos of the things she writes about.

Beverley said...

thanx frances i think my mums blog is very good as well all she needs 2 do is put in more pics. my mum showed me ur blog and i luv it